Did You Know?

Whatcom County is a special place for seed potatoes.  It is called an isolated area because of it's location and disease protection qualities.  Whatcom County grows 40-60 different varieties of potatoes.  Commercially grown potatoes are mostly grown for the "seed", which is really the eyes of the potatoes that are planted to grow potato plants and more potatoes! 

On average:  

  • There are approximately 2000 acres of potatoes in Whatcom County.
  • 1 acre produces an average of 40,000 pounds of whole potatoes.
  • They plant 3000 pounds of seed potatoes per acre.
  • 1 acre of seed plants 13.33 planted acres.


  • So, the 2000 acres of Whatcom County Seed Potatoes will yield 80,000,000 (80 million!) pounds total production of potatoes.


  • That would be enough to plant 26,667 new acres of potatoes.


  • That means the 2000 Whatcom County Seed Potato acres has the potential to yield 1,066,666,800 (that's over one billion!) total pounds of potatoes into the American potato food market to be used for bakers, fries, chips, etc. That is a LOT of value added product!!!!

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