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Q: What is the best way to grow pine trees?

What is the best way to grow pine trees? Part of the family Pinaceae, pine trees are coniferous evergreen trees. They may be found almost throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and it is estimated that there are more than 126 species around the globe.

Close relatives of spruces, cedars and firs, pine trees may be found everywhere from dry, hot deserts to rain forests. Because of their fast rate of growth and tall, straight profiles, pine trees are highly prized for their wood. Pine tree wood may be used to make building frames, furniture or flooring.

Pine trees are most frequently identified by their distinctive leaves, which are called needles. Additionally, pine trees are characterized by their gray or reddish-brown bark and their cones. Pine trees are differentiated from firtrees by the manner in which their needles and cones mature. Pine needles grow in clusters while fir needles are each individually attached to the branch. While fir tree cones grow upward from branches, pine tree cones hang down.

Pine trees require virtually no care as long as they are placed in a good location. A spot that affords plenty of sun exposure is deal. Rich, moist soil that drains well also is recommended.

When planting a tree, dig a hole that is approximately two times the size of the tree's root ball. Make certain that the hole is deep enough that the tree will sit even with the soil line. Spread the roots with your hands to ensure that they don't grow in a circular pattern. You can learn more about this on the Green Pinky.

Use the soil you removed to make the hole to backfill around the tree. Top off the soil with mulch, taking care that the mulch doesn't touch the tree.

For the first few months, keep the soil moist, but don't allow it to become soggy. Fertilizer isn't required in the first year. In subsequent years, apply between two and four pounds of 10-10-10 fertilizer for each square foot of surrounding soil.

Pine trees do not require much trimming. It is a good idea to remove dead or diseased branches to keep the tree looking good and thriving. Spring and winter are considered the best seasons for pruning, but it is perfectly acceptable to remove dead or damaged branches whenever you notice them.

You can check out this pdf for some more tips.

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