What Kind of Flowers Should I Use to Decorate?

Q: I am planning an event, what kind of flowers should I use to decorate?

There are obviously are a multitude of different flowers you can try using to decorate your farm or venue. Below are some that are popular because of how versatile they are:

Cherry Blossoms. The fragrant pink branches add a beautiful design element.

Baby’s Breath. These delicate flowers can be added to floral arrangements or can be kept by themselves.

Roses. A classic. Fill jars or bowls with them – they never get old!

Orchids. These stylish, exotic flowers are sure to be a conversation starter.

Tulips. Another classic. They tend to droop so make sure that if you put them in a vase that you pack it so that they can hold each other up.

Chrysanthemums. You can use either fresh ones or dry ones.

Lilies. These beautiful flowers will surely be a something that your guests will be mesmerized by.